The Best Design Advice I’ve Ever Received

About 20 years ago, I worked in advertising in the Boston area. I enrolled in a Creative Concepts class offered by Ad Club of Boston. The class goal was to help advertising pros create better pitches. At one point in the class, I created a pitch which I thought was really unique and clever. When ... Read More

Focusing Beyond A-players to Develop your A-Game

Recently, I have seen several invites to webinars about finding and developing HiPos and A-players in your organization. I find this thinking very shortsighted. In most cases, it won’t provide what’s needed in your organization for breakthrough performance. Here’s why: Today’s work requires teams to execute strategy. Optimizing one part of a system may not ... Read More

LearnDash – WordPress-based LMS System

LearnDash, the WordPress-based LMS releasing Jan 28, is a product that I have been eagerly awaiting (as I hinted in my post taking up the 10 Tools Challenge from Jane Hart). Truth be told, I am more excited to try this out than any other product on the market currently (and that’s a tall order ... Read More

10 Tools Challenge

I am joining the group of people who have been inspired to take up Jane Hart’s 10 Tools Challenge as part of Project 4T2 (more on that in a later post). This blog will chronicle my plans and progress under the tag 1oTools. I hope to find colleagues with similar goals to offer my partnership in sharing resources and findings. ... Read More

#LAK12 Week 2 – Artificial Stupidity

We’ve all heard about Artificial Intelligence, but less commonly mentioned is Artificial Stupidity. The first I heard the term was during the Learning Analytics webinar featuring Ryan S.J.d. Baker from the International Educational Data Mining Society. After several minutes of participants providing feedback to Ryan of poor audio quality, Ryan checked his settings. The mic was ... Read More

#LAK12: Week 1

I just wrapped up week 1 of the Learning Analytics and Knowledge MOOC. The focus of week 1 were the key questions “Why Learning Analytics?” and “Why Now?” My experience with this MOOC illustrates the key drivers at a micro level. A MOOC, or Massive Online Open Course, is designed to have no true center ... Read More

A Little Elf Gave Me an Early Christmas Gift

Last week, The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, showed up on my doorstep unexpectedly. Apparently, I ended up on a list somewhere (holiday spirit says “Santa’s nice list”, but in reality, a vendor or conference probably passed along my name). A leadership book based on a Santa theme? I expected it to lay a steaming ... Read More