How Gamification might REALLY Change Training.

The recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) conference showcased the hottest trends in video games from motion controls, social gaming , 3D, and mobile options. With Gamification as a hot buzzword in training, it’s good to be aware of developments (after all, we all want to Level Up, right?). For training gamification, I hear a lot about ... Read More

LS2011: A Metrics-Performance-Learning Driven System

Ray Jimenez, PhD presented a case study for session 411 during the Learning Solutions conference. What he demonstrated was a very strong design which clearly integrates business objectives and job performance metrics with formal and informal development interventions. Alerts to managers for variances in key performance metrics The core is a performance tracking tool. Key ... Read More

So much to blog about, so little time…

September was an amazing month of activity. Most of this activity will have direct benefits to what this site will become in 2011.  A few “previews”: I will be excited to apply specific features from my projects to this site, such as SCORM Cloud offerings, offering updates on a truly unique LMS platform, and marketing ... Read More