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My ID Story

Prior to my career in Learning and Professional Development, I was in advertising. At the time, the market was unforgiving. After being let go after yet another downsizing/restructuring, I thought about getting some formal training in graphic design.  All of my professional development in graphics and design came from the school of hard knocks- knowledge ... Read More

The Best Design Advice I’ve Ever Received

About 20 years ago, I worked in advertising in the Boston area. I enrolled in a Creative Concepts class offered by Ad Club of Boston. The class goal was to help advertising pros create better pitches. At one point in the class, I created a pitch which I thought was really unique and clever. When ... Read More

Focusing Beyond A-players to Develop your A-Game

Recently, I have seen several invites to webinars about finding and developing HiPos and A-players in your organization. I find this thinking very shortsighted. In most cases, it won’t provide what’s needed in your organization for breakthrough performance. Here’s why: Today’s work requires teams to execute strategy. Optimizing one part of a system may not ... Read More