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Reflections on #ATDACEND Breakout Sessions

The Florida Suncoast Chapter of ATD held its first ATDASCEND Conference Friday September 23rd. This is the second post on the event. You can read my reflections on the keynotes here. Additional observations on conferences Before commenting on the Breakout Sessions, I wanted to address some patterns I have noticed in most conferences I have attended. L&D really ... Read More

Reflections on #ATDACEND Keynotes

  The Florida Suncoast Chapter of ATD held its first ATDASCEND Conference Friday September 23rd. The bottom line assessment is that it was a clear check in the Win column, for several reasons. Unless you were told it was the first conference, you wouldn’t have guessed it. The organizers did a great job with all ... Read More


We will be off to a blazing start with 15 hacks shared in the first 15 minutes. It’s like speed dating for your brain. IMAGE SELECTION HACK I’ve shared this previously (, but if you want to play in class here are some resources: File: Note: This is a stock photo from a site used ... Read More

New Opportunity- What is it? (actually, I’m not sure)

Last week, I announced accepting the role of Sr. Curriculum Designer for Restaurant Magic (I was overwhelmed by how many of you reached out to extend congratulations). The company has a great team and management staff (all who pass Guy Kawasaki’s shopping center test). I am very excited – despite not knowing exactly what I am going to be ... Read More

Delay in Site Upgrade

Due to a theme upgrade, the site will be updated in mid-September. This will impact layout and may limit access to certain materials for a short period of time.

Our World is Changed: xAPI Connections Forum

xAPI Connections Forum was a bit like seeing the Grand Canyon: weeks later, I am still trying to comprehend the full magnitude of something when even just a small part of it completely fills my field of vision. Eventually, I came to the conclusion. I will never fully get my head around it. And that ... Read More