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LS2011 Day 2: More on Mobile

The first session I attended after Nancy Duarte’s keynote day 2 of the LS2011 was The Next Generation of Mobile Learning with Brenda Enders. Brenda presented a case study for a solution that was provided to a leading rehabilitation services provider. The solution was designed for a widely dispersed workforce who was not considered technically savvy. It was designed ... Read More

LS2011 Day 2 Keynote: Resonate with Nancy Duarte

If you feel like people really connect with and act on the messages youdeliver, stop reading. This isn’t for you. If you feel that you would benefit from techniques make strong connections with your audience to inspire and make important changes, you should be exploring the techniques shared by our keynote speaker for Day 2: ... Read More

LS 2011 Media Studio Session: Designing for mLearning Once you download the slides Nick Floro made available for his session on Designing for mLearning: What You Need to Know to Get Started, there isn’t really much more that I can add to the presentation except to clarify a select few items by adding just a little bit of additional context. Nobody can ... Read More

LS2011: A Metrics-Performance-Learning Driven System

Ray Jimenez, PhD presented a case study for session 411 during the Learning Solutions conference. What he demonstrated was a very strong design which clearly integrates business objectives and job performance metrics with formal and informal development interventions. Alerts to managers for variances in key performance metrics The core is a performance tracking tool. Key ... Read More

LS2011: Creating Engaging Learning Designs

After presenting my session at Learning Solutions 2011, I attended “Creating Engaging Learning Designs” with Joseph Fournier of Amerigroup. Most of his presentation was fairly straightforward advice that we all should be following already: Most of the presentation were tips such as these that most of us have learned, but often lose sight of during ... Read More

We’re Relaunching-New Look and Great Content Coming Up!

In preparation for the Learning Solutions Conference and the launch of my colleague’s Internet Security Awareness Training business, the site will be going through a significant redevelopment in the next few weeks. This upgrade will better serve our short term needs coming up as well as longer term planned actions for Business Critical Learning. Stay ... Read More