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Magic Kingdom Tips for LSCon Attendees

If you are coming to LSCon later this month, you may have added on a trip to the Magic Kingdom.  As a local, a father, and a multi-year annual passholder, I have some tips, but please note: I have girls who are in the Princess phase, so I have many tips from that perspective. They ... Read More

We have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth

  If there is one thing I took from Learning Solutions and Ecosystem 2014, it’s that L&D Pros still seem to be very focused on outgoing signals. Don’t get me wrong- there were some very good sessions on how to make the content we deploy much more effective.  I thoroughly enjoyed Will Thalheimer’s session on ... Read More

Ecosystem 2014 Resources

  Next week is the eLearning Guild’s first ECOSYSTEM conference. I am very happy to be speaking. A good story and a nice presentation are fine, but the sessions that always gave me the most value were those providing concrete take-aways I could bring back to apply to my work. With that in mind, I’ve ... Read More

Ecosystem 2014

  I am very excited to be speaking at the eLearning Guild’s first ECOSYSTEM conference in March. If you have read my responses to LinkedIn or ASTD inquiries, you will see my common concern with how most organizations approach systems evaluation. Far too many organizations start with soliciting external parties for recommendations on what is good, ... Read More

What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

  The eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference is happening next week in Las Vegas. Because of business priorities, I can’t go. So, I’m pissed. A Guild conference is a careerlife-sustaining activity. It’s the “power up” charge in the video game right when your character is on fumes (quite like the therapeutic experience of  participating in a weekly #lrnchat). ... Read More

LS2011: Wonderful (Captivate) Widgets

My Day 3 of LS2011  kicked off with Jeff Blackman’s Wonderful Widgets! Creating Cool Interactions in Adobe Captivate. I was very excited to discover the potential of widgets, which I had not yet explored, despite 6 months experience developing many Captivate demos and simulations (and very fun ads), which included branching, variable text fields, and ties ... Read More

LS2011: Open Education Resources

The final session I attended on day 2 of LS2011 was Finding and Using Open Educational Resources presented by Tony Nisse of Brigham Young University. Education, at it’s core is about sharing. Openness is really the only means of education. Expertise is nonrivalrous. It can be given without being given away. This is exaplained well by the ... Read More