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A Strange, but Fond Farewell

Soon, I start the next phase of my career with a new organization after working with the same company for more than a decade. It promises to be an amazing experience. Key connections and friends from my prior role have said their goodbyes or made arrangements to stay connected. However, there is one group in particular ... Read More

Assess More to Coach, Not Judge

Workplace assessments are critical, for both the employee and organization. However, common practices are so poor, Learning & Development professionals are squandering their best opportunity to have meaningful impact. Assessments are almost invariably placed at the end of a body of content as a completion trigger.  Most are still multiple choice recall tests due to ... Read More

Behind the Scenes of an Online Forum

  Last week, I had the privilege of presenting as part of the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum for Assessments and Evaluation. I was able to attend several sessions from fellow presenters and was astounded by their offerings. It was truly an honor to present among such insightful, committed, and respected professionals. The high quality of Guild events is ... Read More

eLearning Assessment and Evaluation Approaches Aug 18-19

I have been invited to speak as part of the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum: eLearning Assessment and Evaluation Approaches August 18 and 19. The event has an amazing lineup of professionals and I am honored to be included in the event. I will cover: Please inform anyone responsible for assessment or evaluation of training programs about ... Read More

How Gamification might REALLY Change Training.

The recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) conference showcased the hottest trends in video games from motion controls, social gaming , 3D, and mobile options. With Gamification as a hot buzzword in training, it’s good to be aware of developments (after all, we all want to Level Up, right?). For training gamification, I hear a lot about ... Read More