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In preparation for the Learning Solutions Conference and the launch of my colleague’s Internet Security Awareness Training business, the site will be going through a significant redevelopment in the next few weeks. This upgrade will better serve our short term needs coming up as well as longer term planned actions for Business Critical Learning. Stay tuned for: [list style=”arrow” color=”blue”]
  • A video showing a simple technique to take one good assessment question and extend it to multiple options to create deep question banks (releasing at LS11)
  • Liveblogging from Learning Solutions 2011 (here, but also twitter hashtag #LS2011)
  • The astounding video introducing Internet Security Awareness Training along with the background on this project which uses SCORMCloud
  • A review of Clark Quinn’s “Designing mLearning” (from all my experiences learning from Clark, I know it will be awesome, I just have to read to know exactly why)
  • More on Interzoic’s Accord LMS (Chris Wylie has offered me an advanced tour of some features coming up- he has some great functionality being added to extend this very capable platform)
[/list] Back soon in time to blog for LS11 and offer it in both traditional web and mobile formats.

Internet Security Awareness Training (ISAT) using SCORMCloud to be unveiled shortly.  Amazing project. Amazing team.  I think this one will be a game-changer. The leader on this project is a visionary and great guy to work with (more when they go into public beta, but I am VERY eager to tell more of the story). I have 2 Speaking engagements coming up- FX Conferences in January, Elearning Guild’s Learning Solutions in March. These, coupled with my blog gig with Interzoic Accord LMS, and all the happenings at CitiFinancial (some major/cool projects happening), are keeping me plenty busy. Stay tuned on a bit more about ISAT, SCORMCloud, the conferences. My big plans for 2011 are  to get freesources posted to the site, and releasing a product line of high-quality training at ridiculously low prices offered in web and mobile flavors, 3 languages (English, French, and Spanish), and that will run in any LMS (compliments of OpenSesame). 2010 allowed me to work with some really talented, smart, motivated, and engaging people to provide some great opportunities. Continuing in these relationships, 2011 promises to be a very interesting year and has gotten off to a great start.

September was an amazing month of activity. Most of this activity will have direct benefits to what this site will become in 2011.  A few “previews”: [list style=”arrow” color=”blue”]
  • SCORM Cloud- if you haven’t heard of this, start exploring it. This utility allows SCORM-compliant content to run outside of an LMS (and we thought folks jailbreaking iPhones was a big deal). I am implementing it with a very exciting new business concept for a colleague, and will certainly share details when I am able (I am eager to be able to market his end product- it is brilliant).
  • Accord LMS by Interzoic- I had the pleasure of discovering Accord LMS while reviewing deployment options for my colleague. I was extremely impressed with the product, which is based on the Dot Net Nuke open authoring platform.  This empowers Accord LMS users to select plugins and themes to extend the utility of their LMS just as users of WordPress are able.  This is truly a different approach to the LMS game.  When my review of the product is published, a direct link will be posted.  I will start regularly blogging for the company as well.
  • I developed an Evaluation Toolkit to guide employees who have volunteered to assume a role as an evaluation lead for training projects. The toolkit educates the leads on the standards (Phillips/Kirkpatrick). guides them through the process of performing evaluation, and provides tools.  It was an amazing project and I hope to be able to offer aspects of it in an open format to a large community (I attempted to get the company to develop and sell it as a mobile application- maybe next time!)
[/list] I will be excited to apply specific features from my projects to this site, such as SCORM Cloud offerings, offering updates on a truly unique LMS platform, and marketing the best training concept I have seen in a long time. October promises to be a flurry of development to continue supporting my colleagues and finally catching this site up to demonstrate the great work being done.