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Soon, I start the next phase of my career with a new organization after working with the same company for more than a decade. It promises to be an amazing experience. Key connections and friends from my prior role have said their goodbyes or made arrangements to stay connected. However, there is one group in particular that truly helped me in my career who I must bid a fond farewell to: a vendor, Questionmark.
qmlogo Questionmark provides an enterprise-level assessment and evaluation software (Perception) and powerful analytics platform.
Within my first two years using the tool, I deployed over 10,000 questions across 3 languages for over 300 courses in a highly regulated environment. In fact, it was such an effective solution, that our department eventually deployed virtually ALL of our LMS content through Questionmark- even hacking Questionmark to embed content from other elearning tools (as well as PDFs or Office documents) from a central content repository. This gave me much more flexibility with updating content over constantly uploading SCORM packages to the LMS and encountering manifest errors. Our group also essentially abandoned LMS reporting, because the breadth and depth of information from Questionmark analytics was vastly superior to the data we could tease out of our LMS.  [blockquote type=”blockquote_line” align=”right”] If you are involved in assessment design or development, you owe it to your users and yourself to leverage these resources to improve your craft.[/blockquote] The resources offered by Questionmark on their company website for writing valid assessment items or how to correctly interpret question data are the top in the industry. It is no secret that I am an Articulate fanboy and that I believe anyone in elearning design or development should engage in the Articulate community.  However, if you create assessment and survey assets for your users, you should explore Questionmark’s site. From starting items like different ways to use assessments, to complex topics like understanding P-value or how to set an appropriate score threshold, they share a wealth of high quality, well researched resources. My hacks with their platform expanded into doing the things our team hadn’t seen before and had difficulty delivering workable solutions. I developed observational assessments for salesfloor activity and a question-driven dynamic catalog for employees to filter and access assets scattered across various platforms across our company’s intranet. I could provide data on which exact step in a software simulation posed the most challenge to our employees and also identify that employees were not adapting their sales approach appropriately for our second most common customer type. I was using the tool in unique ways to answer the big questions managers were desparately seeking answers for. It may seem strange to bid a vendor farewell, but I’ve benefited greatly from my 10+ year relationship with the product and company. They provided a great solution, and my experiences with their support team has always been an example of what support should be. It is not likely that my new role will require me to perform significant assessment development. But my decade-plus long run in a world of compliance and certification with heavy regulatory oversight and audits, Questionmark was an integral partner for our learning solutions. I am very thankful for their partnership, expertise, and support while in my prior role and bid them a very fond farewell (as a customer; I will always be a fan and a friend).