New Opportunity- What is it? (actually, I’m not sure)

Last week, I announced accepting the role of Sr. Curriculum Designer for Restaurant Magic (I was overwhelmed by how many of you reached out to extend congratulations). The company has a great team and management staff (all who pass Guy Kawasaki’s shopping center test). I am very excited – despite not knowing exactly what I am going to be doing… …I probably need to clarify that…. This opportunity is more engaging than anything I’ve faced in the past 15 years. Restaurant Magic provides a highly configurable enterprise software platform for managing restaurants. My challenge is to determine how to best provide enhanced training and support to Restaurant Magic’s various clients whose deployments of the software are as diverse and unique as their businesses. The dynamic content requirements are astounding. My solution must understand when “client X” requests training/support, and serve them up the correct content based on their specific configuration (as opposed to client Y). However, any core changes to the software has to update across all configurations. So I have a classic deployment challenge where there is a lot of overlap and grey area between global and local configuration. But it gets even more interesting with the device/format challenges. Beyond different browsers and devices (laptop vs tablet vs phone), we want to be sensitive to the culture of the clients (many still requesting printable solutions). So, I will need to architect a solution that understands when userX enters the system and dynamically deliver the right content for userX’s specific modules and system configuration – as well as provide it in the format(s) that will work best for them. So, the “what” is fundamentally known, the “how”?…  that’s the “not exactly knowing what I’ll be doing” (and that’s good- no solution should be determined before understanding the challenges and needs adequately). It is a very exciting and different opportunity than the course vending via LMSs I’ve done for almost two decades (although I suspect some clients will want training on the system to be tracked in their LMSs, so that’s another consideration for the solution I offer). This opportunity is more focused on performance and support, and it will be very dynamic and challenging (read: the fun type of hard work that really engages). If you are reading this, you are a person I will probably reach out to as I have questions. When I face unique challenges, I reach out to my trusted network for your wise insights and experiences. So, please let me thank you in advance- I value this support more than I could ever express.