Delay in Site Upgrade

Update 9/27: Initially site upgrade was going to be explored for mid-Sept. Per a new job, this will be explored early 2016. The provider of the theme used by this site has upgraded. These updates would significantly change formatting and impact access to items. We are currently evaluating this theme upgrade and other available themes to determine the best option for the long-term plans for the site (including using LearnDash and xAPI). Frankly, the upgrade is a good kick-in-the-pants catalyst to just get in with what we really want to be doing with the site. We hope to have a new theme installed in mid-September, including some cool new functionality. Articles and resources currently on the site may be impacted during the upgrade period, so we wanted to notify anyone visiting the site early- and encourage all of you to grab resources available now for convenience. The resources will eventually be put back up on the new site. You can always contact us if you are in a bind – we’re happy to help.