My Top 10 Tools

top10tools Time to participate in Jane Hart‘s annual Top 100 Tools for Learning survey! Jane notes that the tools can be used either for your own personal learning or for teaching/training. So, my approach this year was to submit 5 tools I use for my own development and 5 tools I use for developing training resources for others. The top 5 tools I use for my own development: [list style=”arrow” color=”blue”]

  • Twitter– Easily, my top choice. It’s so simple: follow amazing people = learn amazing things.
  • Google– Yes, it often leads to Wikipedia or YouTube, but it is almost always the launchpad. Even my seven year old knows, if you don’t know something “google it”.
  • Youtube– Sharepoint has a help system, but I truly learned Sharepoint from YouTube. It has saved me numerous, unnecessary calls to home and computer repair services. The breadth of knowledge (and garbage) on YouTube is astounding and has something for everyone from ballroom dancing to using D3js to make online visualizations.
  • Delicious– I realize Evernote has more to offer, but I started early and have a lot of items indexed and archived for myself. It’s been a great curation and archive tool for me.
  • Udemy– with constant shifts in tools and technologies, I find it helpful committing to a structured program. Between the options available and almost constant price specials, I get courses worth hundreds of dollars for $15 (cheaper than many books on the same topics and with much more interaction/resources).
[/list] Here are the top 5 tools I use to develop learning resources for others: [list style=”arrow” color=”blue”]
  • Powerpoint– the most ubiquitous and familiar tool across organizations for storyboarding, presenting ideas, and doing handoffs (it takes a villiage, people!). In the right hands, it make good presentations and decent infographics. Those who really know what they are doing can create effective templates for SMEs that work very well with common development tools.
  • Storyline– I could write many articles on why, but I can sum it up with two statements. First, “folks get it”. For whatever reason (my team trialed several competing tools), folks become more productive with Storyline- faster than their competitor’s tools. And second, “community”. Even if you aren’t an Articulate user, join the Articulate community and benefit from the resources shared.
  • Photoshop- Sure, there are other tools, but I’ve been with Photoshop since it’s start.
  • SCORMCloud– I use my test account to check LMS Issues (I am between two right now because of an acquisition). I am using it as I start to experiment with xAPI.
  • WordPress– this is where I share with peers. I haven’t done as much with blogging as planed, but the next year is going to be a serious upgrade, not just in sharing, but functionality. I truly intend on turning this site into a pretty robust learning platform as I explore the evolution the industry is undergoing. And I plan on bringing as many folks along for the journey as I can.
[/list] Plenty of other tools in the shed, but those are my top 5s. Participate in the survey and let others know about the great tools you use.