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I will be speaking at the ATD 2015 International Conference and Expo.  My session on Sunday, May 17 at 4:30 PM will focus on systems selection. I share many tips and tricks for making your selection process more effective.

At the very least, anyone going through a selection process should steal this EvaluationTool – an Excel format decision support tool you can adapt for your needs (even if you cannot make the session- take it).

Even if you outsource your search to a service provider (some LMS experts offer this service and do a great job for a fair price), this Excel tool is a great resource for your organization to clarify and weight your organization’s requirements for the consultant.

Once the matrix is completed (sample), the Evaluation tool illustrates how each system ranks based on YOUR weighted requirements and YOUR assessment of how well each tool addresses those requirements- including some nifty charts you can filter.

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  1. As mentioned during the session- sometimes a company’s culture can be tied to Sharepoint- and as I noted “you can’t fight culture”. So, sometimes, a Sharepoint LMS can be a very solid option because you leverage the platform your users are accustomed to, and your IT is generally VERY attentive to it’s Sharepoint implementation. Some options include:

    As well as Sharepoint connectors, like the one from WaxLRS:

    I am sure there are others (as well as LMS systems that can use the same Skins as your Sharepoint implementation such as Accord LMS and LMS systems that offer convenient clean handoffs like ShiftIQ

    The level of Sharepoint integration required will depend on your specific business needs. But the great news is that there are options for you!

  2. There were several questions about TM/PM platforms. This is by no means comprehensive, but this list are several that were reviewed as part of a recent search where my customer was seeking platforms with some PM/TM capabilities.

    I have listed them (more or less) in order of ones that are more LMS than TM/PM to ones that are more PM/TM than LMS.

    WBT Systems
    PageUp People

    In full disclosure- the client was seeking something in the middle, and Totara was their selection.

  3. Kurt Thompson

    Thank you David. I enjoyed your session. Looking at my notebook, I have more notes from your session than any other.

  4. Thanks for attending Kurt. More important than enjoying, I truly hope it helps you spend the right amount on the system that best fits your org.

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