Monthly Archives: April 2015

ATD 2015

I will be speaking at the ATD 2015 International Conference and Expo.  My session on Sunday, May 17 at 4:30 PM will focus on systems selection. I share many tips and tricks for making your selection process more effective. At the very least, anyone going through a selection process should steal this EvaluationTool – an Excel format decision ... Read More

Our World is Changed: xAPI Connections Forum

xAPI Connections Forum was a bit like seeing the Grand Canyon: weeks later, I am still trying to comprehend the full magnitude of something when even just a small part of it completely fills my field of vision. Eventually, I came to the conclusion. I will never fully get my head around it. And that ... Read More

A PowerPoint-to-Word Hack Shared at #LSCon 2015

Do you generate Word documents from PowerPoint? When the presentation changes, do you manually paste the changes from PowerPoint to Word to update the document? There is a better way. This hack is for you. Here is the PowerPoint file to practice with (which includes instructions and tips).