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Just a quick update to Jane Hart’s 10 Tools Challenge. [list style=”arrow” color=”blue”]
  • Articulate Storyline – I’ve had opportunity to tinker in Storyline quite a bit to build a proof of concept for a very ambitious project. So far, Storyline is exceeding expectations. I still have quite a bit to explore, but for this project I can’t see any tool being a better fit. I will blog by year-end on this project- it is a pretty big departure from the norm for this client.
  • Microsoft Excel – I am using Excel for analytics on my Storyline experiments. Storyline can generate a lot of data so a designer can better understand user’s performance, and how to adapt assets to keep the user engaged and on a continuous development path. We’ve exported data collected to Excel for analysis. Ultimately, the client may go with full-blown reporting and analytics tool, but running these experiments in Excel have allowed me to better understand how to get certain types of data dancing together and rendering beautifully useful charts and tables, providing new insights to the client.
  • Infographics – I am still having fun with experimenting with Infographics. Storyline is a very fun way to change an infographic into an animated tour. If you have a great Infographic designed, you may have an excellent candidate to build something fun and more interactive (disclaimer: generally, I do find this to be over-engineering and a well-designed job aid can really trump the same data layered in clicks and animations nine out of ten times).