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OpenSesame is a marketplace for e-learning content. I beta-tested the product in an extremely restrictive LMS environment. I was very impressed with the ease of setup, and wrote a review of the experience.

Since then, I have graciously been offered a role of Expert Reviewer to evaluate the training products offered through the site.

I have been very fortunate in my professional career in terms of my exposure to quality content. I worked for a few colleges that had relationships with top vendors to source and private label content. I’ve worked at regional tech schools that provided certified training for several different software companies. I currently work with a multibillion dollar financial organization that buys entire catalogs of content from many industry-leading training content providers.

I have literally seen thousands of course offerings from the most established and top-rated vendors and organizations in the industry.

I am finding that a good amount of content posted to OpenSesame for purchase is the same caliber at a fraction of the price.

So, the rest of this post will be brief.

If you need training content for your LMS, check out OpenSesame:

  • they have a wealth of quality content available
  • at very attractive price points
  • it will work with your LMS

2 thoughts on “OpenSesame – Expert Reviewer

  1. David, thanks so much for this review! We appreciate your efforts as a guest reviewer very much. If anyone has any questions about OpenSesame, please drop me an email at kelly.meeker (at) opensesame (dot) com.

  2. You’re welcome. It’s really a pleasure to see how many talented people and organizations are offering up some solid content through OpenSesame. Thanks for offering your contact info for folks to learn more.

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