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Behind the Scenes of an Online Forum


Last week, I had the privilege of presenting as part of the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum for Assessments and Evaluation. I was able to attend several sessions from fellow presenters and was astounded by their offerings. It was truly an honor to present among such insightful, committed, and respected professionals. [blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”right”] Significant work and support is provided by the Guild to create high-quality offerings from presenters each and every time.[/blockquote]The high quality of Guild events is no accident. It is designed into the process. I wanted to share my experience  as an online forum presenter. Significant work and support is provided by the Guild to create high-quality offerings from presenters each and every time. The quality is all about the support, and the Guild provides a tremendous amount of support. Christopher Benz, the Director for the Online Events for the Guild, approached me to discuss presenting as part of this forum after my live presentation at Learning Solutions 2011. Chris manages an amazing amount of detail for the online forums, from covering the initial expectations and timeline with presenters, right through to performing the final sound check just moments before presenters go live (and everything in between, which I won’t attempt to cover in this blog). Chris makes the process manageable for presenters and handles each question and issue with grace and ease.  He is a true master of his craft. Every presenter is also assigned a mentor. Mentors orient presenters to Adobe Connect, keep them on-track with tasks leading up to and during the event, and participate in practice sessions to offer advice about enhancements. A minimum of 3 mentoring sessions are performed prior to the live event. I am very thankful for all the guidance and support provided by my mentor, Melissa Chambers.  Her contributions and insights as my mentor resulted in key improvements to my session. She also partnered with me during the presentation to take on the task of managing the interactive polls, so I would not need to multitask. If you are ever extended the opportunity to speak on an eLearning Guild Online Forum, take it. I cannot speak highly enough about all the Guild does to support presenters in moving confidently through the process, and the expert advice and insight that is shared during this process. It not only improves the final deliverable, but also develops the presenter’s skills and insights about what it takes to construct and deliver a high-quality online forum.