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eLearning Assessment and Evaluation Approaches Aug 18-19

I have been invited to speak as part of the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum: eLearning Assessment and Evaluation Approaches August 18 and 19.┬áThe event has an amazing lineup of professionals and I am honored to be included in the event. I will cover: [list style=”arrow” color=”blue”]

  • techniques to provide valuable data for ALL levels of evaluation
  • different content-embedding strategies to optimize flexibility and workflow without risking critical data or creating common LMS “hiccups”
  • techniques to collect multiple measures to validate metrics and provide opportunity to aggregate or parse data collected
  • how to stucture assessment assets at many levels for reuse in multiple contexts
  • a simple trick anyone can use to expand one good question into deep question banks
[/list] Please inform anyone responsible for assessment or evaluation of training programs about this event.