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  I recently had the opportunity to beta test OpenSesame ( It is an interesting platform to allow developers to upload and sell content, and for companies to purchase that content and run it on their LMS- any LMS as the site claims. Really? Any LMS? Had to check this out myself, as I have been a Superadministrator on an Enterprise LMS with some extreme security restrictions for 7 years. I have seen many attempts for using external content in this environment present challenges to TOP content vendors in the field. The team at OpenSesame did not shy away for a litmus test, and they did not disappoint. Quite the opposite-the service operated impressively. Simple, straightforward setup and in minutes I was running content seamlessly through the LMS with all functionality and reporting intact.  A full review will be authored for OpenSesame and hopefully posted by their team, but I wanted to speak of the experience because I think this will be a service to watch as it develops. I also had the opportunity to continue testing SCORM Cloud and used it with OpenSesame. The two worked in concert beautifully. I continue to be impressed with SCORM Cloud and excited at the potential for OpenSesame for both developers and consumers of content. I look forward to using both of these services with Business Critical Learning as it develops into the resource it should be for its customers and the learning community. But first, clients… got to take care of the clients, who have some truly amazing offerings coming. (Much) more to come.