Accord LMS

Accord LMS by Interzoic

I had a spectacular project in September where I had to research elearning portals, LMS systems, assessment tools, and deployment options for a very exciting and innovative startup venture launching Q1 2011 (more on that adventure at a later date). I spoke to many great people in the industry as I reviewed over 50 vendors. But I found Interzoic’s Accord LMS to be one of the most unique products I had encountered in years.  So much so, that I was compelled to write a formal review.  Check it out here: Accord, unlike many LMS systems, is built from the start with extensibility in mind. Whereas we see the industry consolidating with LMS vendors purchasing webcast tools to hard-bake into their solution, or pre-selecting e-commerce options integrated into thier product, Interzoic takes a decidedly open approach to their LMS.  They offer solid core functionality (you will really like their approach to enabling external content to be tracked so it is not put in an LMS “lockbox”). However, THE distinguishing feature of the tool is it’s open design enabling customers to extend to a full suite of tools that best fit their business model. The tools are available on the DNN network, are comparatively cheap and cover virtually any functional area that impacts LMS usability such as registration, security, e-commerce, social media and more (there are thousands of options).  Unlike most LMS systems that seem to tunnel you into limited offerings in their product suite, or very expensive “integrations” (my next article for Interzoic speaks to how expensive and poor most traditional LMS integrations are), Accord LMS empowers their customers to really select what best fits their business, and seamlessly swap out options as business needs evolve over time.  The framework is truly impressive in this regard. Oh, and the price- astoundingly affordable. I am very excited to continue writing articles for Interzoic. I hope for the opportunity to work with many of the other great companies and people I encountered while doing my research this fall.  There are truly some spectacular offerings and people to work with in this industry; it’s just about finding the companies whose needs are a good match for these solutions.